Examples of Specific determiners

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Definition of Specific determiners:

Specific determiners are used to denote specific or particular things.

Specific determiners include the following:

  • The definite article: the
  • Possessives: his, her, your, its, my, our, their, whose
  • Demonstratives: these, those, this, that
  • Interrogatives: which

Examples of Specific determiners:

  • The man is behaving so strangely.
  • These apples are good.
  • His father is out of the city.
  • Jim is her brother.
  • It’s my book.
  • Which is your car?
  • Those mangoes are rotten.
  • This plan will work.
  • That place is so crowded.
  • The book is interesting.
  • Do you know its functions?
  • Who is your sister here?
  • Are you going to their house?
  • This is the person whose name is written here.
  • His idea is good.
  • Her performance was outstanding.
  • Aric came to our place yesterday.
  • Alice will buy that book.
  • Do you like this dress?
  • The movie was excellent.
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