Examples of Transitive Verb

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Definition of Transitive Verbs:

A finite verb that demands a direct object is called a transitive verb.  

Examples of Transitive Verb:

  • Albert was making an umbrella.
  • When he came here, I was having my brunch.
  • After coming here, he prepared lunch for us.
  • I could not do it since I caught a cold last night.
  • I bought some medicine yesterday but did not take them without doctor’s confirmation.
  • Albert gave me some chocolate on that day.
  • He did not show me the chocolate until I begged him to do so.
  • I could not believe that he could bring chocolates for me.
  • I offered him some juice when he arrived home.
  • Though he offended my feelings, I feel sorry for him.
  • Leave me a message if you don’t find me here.
  • I have invented a method to cool the nerve.
  • We discovered that place.
  • I wish you a very successful married life for life.
  • It cost me two thousand bucks.
  • I love you as much as Romeo loved Juliet.
  • Samantha borrowed some money from me last year.
  • I lent her money since she was in great need.
  • My chickens are laying eggs now.
  • Raise your hands if you want to help us with this project.
  • They helped us to build our new home and we are grateful for it.
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