How to Write an Order Letter

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An order letter is usually written when you need to assign orders for goods. It is quite common and is written almost on a daily basis. The language of the letter, however, needs to be formal and the letter follows a standard format, since the information is very specific. 

An order letter needs to pen down the terms and conditions of the purchase. These benefit both the involved parties. It generally contains details such as product specifications, their quantities, a price that the parties have agreed upon, the date of delivery, what to do in case there occurs a late delivery, etc.

Tips before Writing an Order Letter:

Before writing the order letter, here are some tips for you:

  1. The letter should be very precise, there is no pep talk or casual talking required here.
  2. The language should be easy while also being formal.
  3. Do not make any mistakes in the specifications and quantities.
  4. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  5. Stick to the topic
  6. Be polite. You are ordering for goods, you're not ordering the person.
  7. Avoid using too many adjectives.
  8. Don't use jargons.
  9. Don't hesitate to place the order, but don't forget to plan before writing.

Now I can tell you how to write an order letter, since you now know all that you needed to know before writing one.

Elements of the Order Letter:

An order letter needs the following things to be in check:

  • Contact information about yourself, the person/company that will supply to you and the date.
  • A subject line that helps the recipient to understand your purpose at once.
  • A salutation, like, if you know the name of the seller, write, “Dear ……………”. If you don't know the name of your seller, simply write “Dear Seller”
  • Information about your company; but this is totally optional. However, this can ensure a long-term relationship. You can also say a few words about your future plans related to the sale.
  • Order details, and by details I mean everything. The model number, color, size, number, etc. Be attentive since they'll send whatever you will write. If possible, use bullet points or tables. If you are buying different items of different types, describe them in separate paragraphs.
  • Mention your payment mode or if you've paid already, mention that next.
  • Indicate your preferred delivery method and date.
  • Include any special instructions as a part of the terms and conditions agreed between the parties.
  • Tell them that you'll enjoy future cooperation with them and encourage them to contact if needed.
  • Close with “Sincerely”, your signature and name.

The quality of the delivered goods will depend on your instructions. Not just that, it is literally a legal document between yourself and the seller. So beware of what goes in your order letter and pay a good deal of attention while drafting one.




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