Examples of Inversion Used after "So+ Adjective"

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Inversion Used after “so+ adjective”:

Inversion is also used in a sentence starting with “so+ adjective” where inversion takes place after “so+ adjective” and the sentence continues with “that”.

Examples in Sentences:

  • So melodious was the singer’s voice that we were spellbound while listening to her songs.
  • So thrilling was the movie that we could not take our eyes off the screen.
  • So beautiful was the place that we could not but take pictures.
  • So memorable was the event that we could not miss it.
  • So talented is the doctor that he diagnosed the disease so quickly.
  • So excellent was Rick’s speech that he was selected the best speaker.
  • So dangerous was the place that we could not stay there any longer.
  • So brilliant is Lisa that she got straight A’s in all subjects.
  • So ridiculous was the movie that we could not but laugh.
  • So interesting was the book that I could not but buy it.
  • So helpful was the man that we could not but thank him.
  • So beautiful was the girl that everyone kept staring at her.
  • So wonderful was the story that everyone liked it.
  • So brilliant was everyone’s performance that all loved the play.
  • So confusing was the question that the students could not answer it.
  • So stupid was the person that he could not do anything right.
  • So benevolent is Jeff that everyone likes him.
  • So outstanding was the performance that we could not stop clapping.
  • So nice was Jane’s behavior that everyone praised her.
  • So rude was John that everyone was upset with him.


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