Examples of Negation Adding Prefixes

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Negation can also be done by using prefixes such as Un, Im, In, Dis, De etc.

Examples of Negation Adding Prefixes:

  • Why are you bringing unnecessary things to the house?
  • This is impossible to be there now.
  • John disrespected the person.
  • Bill found it as a degradation.
  • The user account has been deactivated.
  • The management is thinking of decentralization.
  • The contestant was disqualified from the contest.
  • This matter is unimportant.
  • Many unwanted thoughts are coming to Jack’s mind.
  • This table is imperfect to be used at the office.
  • This water is impure.
  • Jim did an immature behaviour.
  • Point out the disadvantages of this plan.
  • This is simply unbelievable that Aric has come.
  • Allen disobeyed the order.
  • Mack is an unqualified person.
  • Paul doesn’t have any disregard for you.
  • The chemist is de-acidifying the solution.
  • This is an unjustified behaviour.
  • The behavior of Steven was inhuman.



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