Examples of Negation Adding Suffixes

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Suffixes are also used for negation such as less.

Examples of Negation Adding Suffixes:

  • Jim is so careless that he will not do anything.
  • John won’t listen to you because he is so fearless.
  • The food was so tasteless.
  • We should help the homeless people.
  • Alice was feeling so hopeless.
  • There was no one there to help Jack and he was feeling very helpless.
  • Throw away the pot because it’s bottomless.
  • We are doubtless about her performance.
  • Rick has endless stories to tell.
  • We are thinking of discarding the useless things.
  • Bill is so restless that he cannot stay long anywhere.
  • Have patience! Stop being restless!
  • We cannot forgive such a careless behavior.
  • Peter is very reckless.
  • We worried about Allen’s reckless driving.
  • How can we eat such tasteless food?
  • We aware of Bob’s restless nature.
  • Why have you become so hopeless?
  • Don’t feel so helpless.
  • The printer is getting out of order every now and then; it has become useless.
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