Examples of Negation Using Negative Words

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We use the following negative words for negation:

No, not, nothing, never, no one, none, nobody, nowhere, neither, neither….nor, not either, none of, not any etc.

Examples of Negation Using Negative Words:

  • Robin has no relatives here.
  • Jack is not right.
  • Bill has nothing to say.
  • I have never seen this case.
  • There was no one in the field.
  • None can hide the truth.
  • Nobody asked me anything about Bob.
  • John found the pen nowhere.
  • My mom doesn’t like this movie, neither do I.
  • Neither I nor my brother attended the party.
  • My friend did not taste the pudding, I didn’t either.
  • None of us liked the program.
  • Not any of the apples were fresh.
  • Ben has no problem with this decision.
  • Bob was not looking okay.
  • Alice has nothing to do.
  • No one supported Jeff.
  • Never do anything against humanity.
  • Richard found nothing in the right place.
  • None of the students were happy to hear it.


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