Examples of Present Indefinite Tense

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Definition of Present Indefinite Tense:

Present Indefinite Tense represents an action which is regular or normal or true and uses the base form of the verb. In case of the third person singular number, ‘s or es’ is added with the verb.

Examples of Present Indefinite Tense:

  • I write articles on different topics.
  • He reads various kinds of books.
  • They love to play football.
  • She prefers coffee to tea.
  • He goes to the library every day.
  • We come for shopping in this market.
  • We watch movies in this Cineplex.
  • You always shop in that market.
  • I sing different kinds of songs, especially modern.
  • I love to listen to melodious songs.
  • He loves to travel around the world.
  • They always play cricket in that field.
  • The poet writes romantic poems.
  • The lyricist writes realistic songs.
  • Do you love to listen to realistic songs?
  • I do not like to quarrel.
  • I am a peace-loving person.
  • I know how to protest against injustice.
  • Do you like to watch cricket?
  • I love my parents and my elder brother.


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