Examples of Subordinating Conjunction

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Definition of Subordinating Conjunction:

conjunction which adds an independent clause with a dependent clause is called a subordinating conjunction.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunction:

  • My father believes that I should be a writer.
  • He inspires me always because he believes in me.
  • He works so hard that he can provide everything we need.
  • I trust him because he is a trustworthy person.
  • My life will be blessed if I fulfill his dreams.
  • He will always support me whether I succeed or not.
  • I started writing when I was eight.
  • Everyone asked me how I wrote such stories at that age.
  • I did not understand why people used give compliments to me.
  • I did not feel good about it as I was always an introvert.
  • I did not have so many friends until I was admitted to college.
  • I used to sit alone and think about many things while others played on the ground.
  • I did not even talk to them lest they should insult me.
  • Though I tried to be free with them, they did not seem to like me.
  • No one could tell me where I could get some peanuts.
  • Alex and Sean became my best friends after I had admitted to college.
  • They came to talk to me as soon as I entered the classroom.
  • It was a long time since someone had come to talk with me on their own.
  • They were older than I.
  • They were so cordial that I could not but be easy with them.  
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