How to Ask for Information in Business Emails?

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How to Ask for Information in Business Emails?

Businesses and business personnel often require extracting certain information from business partners, service providers and customers. The process is need based and emailing for the information is more efficient and formal.

Subtle Demands

These statements are used to express demands for information that are polite, subtle and formal in nature unlike how demands work generally. But they are used to serve slightly different purposes when it comes to business emails.

  • I’m writing to enquire about…

This statement entails a basic demand for any information finally jumping straight to the point as to why they are writing. “Enquire” is good formal word to be used in business english.

  • We would like to know…

A company in contact with someone may use this statement to ask for the desired information. They collectively refer to themselves as “We” while someone write the email on their behalf.

  • Looking forward to receiving the requested information…

It is a polite way to let the person at the other end know the sender is waiting for the information that’s been requested already.

Asking for Details

In business communications, people often have to ask for detailed information regarding something that’s been already discussed in some manner. The phrases below are used to gather specific details when necessary.

  • I’m interested to receive some details about…

It can be used to ask for details about something already discussed. This is not a direct demand but a polite and indirect allusion to the matter.

  • If you could send in further details…

People use this statement to ask for more details into a matter which they already know some details about. They are just asking to learn about it a bit deeper.

  • I would appreciate it if you could tell me about…

This is used to politely but indirectly ask for an specific matter stating the sender’s appreciation and enthusiasm for receiving it.

  • I would appreciate some information about…

It expresses the sender’s appreciation in advance for receiving the asked for information  regarding a topic previously mentioned or discussed about.

Polite Requests

Politely requesting information is the basic idea behind formal business communication. Politeness ensures the email sender sincerity and decency.

  • Could you please tell me…?

This a polite request expressing the willingness to learn about something from the person at the other end.

  • Would you mind telling me…?

This statement is used to sound more polite while seeking some information by first ensuring that the receiver does not mind or get offended. 

List of More Such Expressions

There are always more than one way to achieve the same results. We can play with the words to create more polite expressions that can be used to ask for information. Take a look at the ones below - 

  • I would also be grateful if you could send me …
  • Could you please send me … ?
  • Could you therefore let me know… ?
  • I apologize for the urgency, but could you please … at your soonest possible convenience?
  • It would be great if you could address this in a bit for detail.
  • I was wondering if…
  • Would it be possible to…?
  • When you have a chance, could you send me…?
  • Could you let me know about … when you have a moment?


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