Examples of Adjectives as Modifiers

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Definition of Adjectives as Modifiers:

Adjectives are words that modify nouns or pronouns. Adjective, Adjective Phrase, and Adjective Clause can function as a modifier.

Adjective as Modifier:

Adjective appears before or after the word it modifies. When it appears before the word is called pre-modifier and when appears after the word is called post-modifier.

Examples of Adjective as Modifier:

  • Suzan gave an outstanding performance in the program. (pre-modifier)
  • How beautiful the scenery is! (pre-modifier)
  • Anna is looking gorgeous. (post-modifier)
  • I have written several (pre-modifier)
  • Jack is exhausted. (post-modifier)
  • Lisa is intelligent. (post-modifier)
  • Robin is a brilliant (pre-modifier)
  • All the flowers in the garden are beautiful. (post-modifier)

Adjective Phrase as Modifier:

A prepositional phrase modifying a noun or pronoun is called an adjective phrase.

Examples of Adjective Phrase as Modifier:

  • Alice was reading a novel by Leo Tolstoy.
  • The man with beard entered the room.
  • I like perfumes with a mild fragrance.
  • All were dressed in black at the party.
  • Look at the man in a red shirt.
  • Pass me the book with blue cover.

Adjective Clause as Modifier:

The dependent clause modifying a noun or pronoun and beginning with relative pronouns such as which, who, that, whom and whose is called adjective clause.

Examples of  Adjective Clause as Modifier :

  • The person who helped me in this assignment is Lisa.
  • Is Jeff the person whom you have recommended for this project?
  • The book which you gave me yesterday was really interesting.
  • Sam is the person whose name is written here.
  • Be careful about the things that are mentioned here.
  • The person whom you were talking to was my friend.


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