Examples of Negation

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Definition of Negation:

When it is necessary to state that a fact is not true, it can be done by using any negative words, phrases or clauses. Negation refers to these negative words, phrases or clauses.

Examples of Negation:

  • Rick is not here.
  • Peter has no books.
  • Sam has never been there.
  • John did nothing for this project.
  • Neither I nor you attended the program.
  • None of us liked the movie.
  • Pam has rarely cooked any food.
  • Richard is buying unnecessary things.
  • Rock is not sure about it.
  • Patrick has no knowledge about it.
  • I have nothing to say.
  • Why are you so careless?
  • Nobody was in the classroom.
  • I found the book
  • Alice rarely sings a song.
  • Bob roughly has any idea about it.
  • Jim is not
  • Harry is not
  • Nobody liked the picture.
  • Neither Jack nor Robin was in the party.


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