Examples of Future Tense

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Definition of Future Tense

Future tense represents actions which will happen in the future.

Future Tense Examples

  • I will give a speech in the program.
  • Robert will be going to the varsity.
  • Tom will have reached the place by now.
  • I will be singing modern songs in the program.
  • I will help you to do the project.
  • Alice will assist you in this case.
  • We will have reached home before you come.
  • Robin will come to our place.
  • Alana will sing country songs in the program.
  • Bob will write a poem.
  • Ben will do the assignment.
  • Henry will be traveling to Italy in March.
  • I will meet you in the evening.
  • We will watch a movie this Friday.
  • Patrick will have been cooking the meal before you reach home.
  • Dona will prepare the dessert.
  • They will arrange a party at their home.
  • Tom will be upset after hearing this.
  • Aric will have gone to meet his cousin before he comes here.
  • I will perform the role of heroin in the play.

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