Examples of Modifiers

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Definition of Modifiers:

modifier is defined as a word or a group of words functioning like an adjective or adverb to describe other words in a sentence. Modifiers are the life of the sentence because they provide a detail description of every people, place or thing in a sentence.

Examples of Modifiers:

  • The man with black beard was giving the speech.
  • We saw the man when we were entering the room.
  • Call the boy in red shirt.
  • We met him when he was talking to the lawyer.
  • The writer wrote several books.
  • The man traveled to many countries.
  • The player was playing excellent.
  • The old man was walking slowly.
  • The girl was writing quickly.
  • The movie was interesting.
  • The boy was so exhausted.
  • We came to know the fact after coming here.
  • We were standing in front of a red building.
  • Jeff prefers to have black coffee.
  • Peter got injured while playing.
  • Paul was happy after knowing the truth.
  • Bill prefers to walk in the morning.
  • Bob was behaving strangely.
  • The poet wrote a romantic
  • Lisa likes to listen to melodious songs.

Types of Modifiers:

Modifiers can be divided into two types based on their functions:


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