Examples of Phrases

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Phrase: A group of words that does not have any subject and finite verb and makes a sentence meaningful is called Phrase.

Phrases Examples

  • Alex loves to hang out.
  • Alana has no kith and kin here.
  • Next year Ann will come here.
  • Jack has to decide; the ball is in his court.
  • They were walking very slowly.
  • The book you gifted me was really interesting.
  • Mark will be always with you through your thick and thin.
  • Robin is slow and steady.
  • This law is now null and void.
  • 21st February is a red-letter day.
  • The cat is sleeping under the table.
  • Jack and Jim are at daggers drawn.
  • Rick was shouting so loudly.
  • I asked her in a low voice.
  • Suzan was in a fix.
  • The new project has turned into a blunder.
  • You could have said it in a polite way.
  • Tom is so short-tempered.
  • They were talking sitting beside the river.
  • The man lives near the hill.

Types of Phrase Examples:


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