Examples of Noun Phrase

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Definition of Noun Phrase

A Noun phrase is a group of words performing the task of a noun. The types of Noun phrase include:

  • Appositive Phrase
  • Infinitive Phrase
  • Gerund Phrase

1. Definition of Appositive Phrase:

An appositive phrase does not technically modify another noun, just renames that.

Examples of Appositive Phrase:

  • Tom Cruise, my favorite actor, is the hero of the movie.
  • Runa Laila, the famous singer, is the chief guest of the program.
  • Rabindranath Tagore, the world poet, is the author of “Gitanjali”.

 2. Definition of Infinitive Phrase:

An infinitive phrase contains an infinitive at the beginning.

Examples of Infinitive Phrase:

  • I love to hang out.
  • I like to write poems.
  • I love to sing songs.
  • To walk more is good for health.
  • To tell lies is a sin.
  • To speak the truth is a virtue.
  • To eat excess is bad for health.
  • To smoke is injurious to health.

 3. Definition of Gerund Phrase:

A gerund phrase contains a gerund at the beginning.

Examples of Gerund Phrase:

  • I love hanging out.
  • I like writing poems.
  • I love singing songs.
  • Walking more is good for health.
  • Telling lies is a sin.
  • Speaking the truth is a virtue.
  • Eating excess is bad for health.
  • Smoking is injurious to health.
  • Drinking water properly is essential for all of us.

Other types of phrase examples:


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