Examples of Adjective Phrase

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Definition of Adjective Phrase

 An Adjective Phrase conducts the task of the adjective.

Examples of Adjective Phrase

  • Lisa is always full of life.
  • Merry is slow and steady.
  • This rule is now null and void.
  • The class is so calm and quiet.
  • The movie was really excellent.
  • Jeff is a good human being and capable of doing many tasks; he is a man of parts.
  • The man in black is coming towards.
  • The food of this restaurant is extremely delicious.
  • Jack is so short-tempered that he cannot keep pace with any situation.
  • The weather was really cold and everyone was shivering.
  • How can we travel in such a stormy weather?
  • Samantha was so excited after listening to the good news.
  • The mother was really anxious when she could not see her children anywhere.
  • The patient’s condition is becoming serious.
  • This is a sunny weather and suitable for the cricket match.
  • All the commodities are so expensive in this shop.
  • Mack is so serious as a student.
  • Alana is so talkative that cannot keep quiet.
  • Alex is not sure about this news.
  • Why are you getting so angry?

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