Complex Sentence Exercises with Explanation

1. _______as you have expressed your desire to get the job, we will do anything to help.
Correct Answer: Inasmuch
Explanation: "Inasmuch as" is used interchangeably with "because" and "since" as far as the meaning goes. The two clauses are parallel in meaning and the "as" after the blank leaves no option but to use "Inasmuch" here.
2. He spoke _____ he were the president of the country.
Correct Answer: As though
Explanation: “Were” or the Past Perfect tense is used after “As if” and “As though” in a sentence that states unrealistic expectations.
3. Were you the one_____wallet had been stolen?
Correct Answer: Whose
Explanation: “Whose” takes the place of the possessive pronouns in Interrogative Sentences.
4. Finish your homework_____ ending the night?
Correct Answer: Before
Explanation: Making sense of the command would tell that people usually think of or plan on doing something before going to bed or “ending the night”.
5. _____it was raining, Kate left for work on foot.
Correct Answer: Even though
Explanation: It is not normal to leave on foot while it is raining so one of the contrasting Subordinate Conjunctions “Even though” is to be used here.
6. _____the train had left the platform, we reached the station.
Correct Answer: After
Explanation: The clause following the conjunction, “After” would be in the Past Perfect tense while the other clause is in the Simple Past tense.
7. The laptop will run smoothly_____you take good care of it.
Correct Answer: As long as
Explanation: Here is a cause-and-effect relationship with time between the two clauses so “As long as” would be the best fit.
8. Everyone takes Noor for a more responsible person_____he is a parent.
Correct Answer: Now that
Explanation: “Now that” entails the strong possibility of something else to happen because one thing has.
9. My wife loves meat,_____I am a pure vegetarian.
Correct Answer: Whereas
Explanation: Two contrasting clauses are linked with the conjunction, “Whereas” in conversation.
10. I fear to spare him this time_____he should continue doing it.
Correct Answer: Lest
Explanation: The clause following the conjunction, “Lest” almost always has “should” in it.
11. I was stressed to the point of going absolutely crazy_____ I agreed to accompany them.
Correct Answer: Yet
Explanation: The conjunction “yet” is used to put contrasting statements side by side.
12. _____ of the happy memories attached to it, Lynn had to throw away his late mother’s piano.
Correct Answer: In spite
Explanation: “In spite” is always followed by the preposition “of” while it is used in mandatory situations.
13. She is the one _____ has been awaiting you guys for nearly six hours.
Correct Answer: Who
Explanation: Conjunction “who” here indicates the person about whom the statements on either side refer to.
14. He’ll not leave the premises _____ he is compensated sufficiently.
Correct Answer: Until
Explanation: While the conjunction “until” is used, time becomes the focus. Sentences containing “until” would refer to tasks that will happen before or after one another.
15. Beverly acts _____ the place were her own.
Correct Answer: As if
Explanation: “As if” and “As though” are always followed by “were” or Past Perfect tense and it expresses unrealistic imaginations.
16. _____ we were already back home, we failed to give them a lift in our car.
Correct Answer: Since
Explanation: “Since” is used as the conjunction to connect two clauses that depend on one another.
17. The painter kept working his brush _____ she didn’t feel alone.
Correct Answer: So that
Explanation: “So that” is used before the clause that states the reason and it always follows the conjunction.
18. Reese agreed to help with the investigation _____ she received a hefty remuneration.
Correct Answer: Provided
Explanation: “Provided” can be used interchangeably with “if” in conditional situations.
19. _____ we knew what to do back then, we would definitely have avoided the unnecessary mess.
Correct Answer: If only
Explanation: “If only” puts the necessary emphasis on “if” as it is easily replaceable by it in similar conditional situations.
20. _____ she tried her level best, the vet failed to save our pet.
Correct Answer: Both of the above
Explanation: “Though” and “although” are used interchangeably in identical situations where they join contracting clauses.
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