Examples of Conjunctional Phrase

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Conjunctional Phrase

A conjunctional phrase conducts the function of the conjunction.

Examples of Conjunctional Phrase

  • Paul started to work as soon as he woke up.
  • Do the work as quickly as possible.
  • Lisa is not only brilliant but also very friendly.
  • Jeff, as well as, Tom is coming to join the party.
  • John talks as if he were the chairman of the company.
  • No sooner had we seen the thief than he started to run away.
  • Neither I nor my brother went to see the movie.
  • Richard worked the whole night; therefore, he could not come to the meeting on time.
  • The movie was not only boring but also money-wasting.
  • Either Jack or Rock will come for the program.
  • Be careful while climbing the hills otherwise you will fall.
  • Both Sara and Nora were happy to come here.
  • Bob was so busy for the last three days and was not taking rest and meals properly; as a result, he became sick.
  • The chair-person is trying to solve the issue as soon as possible.
  • The father is so honest but his son is unimaginably dishonest.
  • We had very short time in hand and was confused whether to visit the place or not.
  • Neither I nor my mom attended the program.
  • The building started to catch fire and we went out as quickly as possible.
  • The man is not only a famous writer but also a good human being.
  • Please stay calm or leave.

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