Examples of Quantifiers

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Definition of Quantifiers:

quantifier is a word used before a noun to describe its quantity.

Examples of Quantifiers:

  • I saw few people in the program.
  • Jack has many friends here.
  • I have written articles on several
  • Jeff went to many places regarding this project.
  • There was a lot of people in the concert.
  • Alice had some fruits only.
  • Lisa has much knowledge about this topic.
  • We have enough food in the refrigerator.
  • I am a bit busy.
  • Merry drank a little water.
  • Try to have some patience.
  • Rick has much experience.
  • Peter has few friends.
  • I asked Tom several times about it.
  • We bought many things from the shop.
  • They had a lot of fun in the party.
  • You can take any of the books.
  • Give me some water.
  • Aric has enough patience.
  • Jim had some work there.

Types of Quantifiers:

There are mainly three types of quantifiers:


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