Right Form of Verbs Exercise & Practice with Explanation

1. I couldn’t mend the computer myself, so I _______ at a shop.
Correct Answer: had it mended
Explanation: Subject+ causative verb (have, make, cause, allow, help, enable, keep, hold, let, force and require) + object + past participle form of the main verb.
2. We look forward _______ a response from you.
Correct Answer: to receiving
Explanation: look forward to, mind, could not help, cannot help, with a view to, be used to, get used to, worth + main verb + ing
3. In many ways, riding a bicycle is similar to_______.
Correct Answer: driving a car
Explanation: Preposition (to) + verb+ ing
4. He watched the boat_______ down the river.
Correct Answer: floating
Explanation: In simple sentence, two principal verbs can’t be used. So, ing will be added to one of the verbs.
5. I opened the door as soon as I _______ the bell.
Correct Answer: heard
Explanation: If the main clause is in past tense, then the subordinate clause will be in past tense too.
6. The Parthenon is said_______ erected in the age of Pericles.
Correct Answer: to have been
Explanation: The meaning of the sentence suggests Perfect Infinitive ‘to have been’ to be used.
7. Almost everyone fails _______ on the first try.
Correct Answer: in passing his driver’s test
Explanation: Appropriate Preposition ‘fail in’ + verb+ ing
8. The speaker fails to make the audience_______ to him patiently.
Correct Answer: listen
Explanation: After make, infinitive to will be silent.
9. How many eggs have your hens_______ this month?
Correct Answer: laid
Explanation: have + past participle form of verb (lay- laid- laid)
10. It’s time_______ your mistakes.
Correct Answer: you realized
Explanation: It is time + subject + past participle form of the main verb.
11. He advised me _______ smoking.
Correct Answer: to give up
Explanation: advise (verb) + object + infinitive
12. I don’t mind _______ with the cooking but I am not going to was the dishes.
Correct Answer: helping
Explanation: In simple sentence, two principal verbs can’t be used. So, ing will be added to one of the verbs.
13. As they waited Neo argued against war_______.
Correct Answer: while his brother was discussing the effects of pollution.
Explanation: Sentences that start with while will take the principal verb in continuous form.
14. The father could not help but_______ his condition.
Correct Answer: crying
Explanation: can/couldn’t but + verb + ing
15. The Examiners made us _______ our identification in order to admit to the exam center.
Correct Answer: show
Explanation: Make somebody to do something + base form of verb
16. Which one is correct?
Correct Answer: Here comes he
Explanation: If here/there comes at the beginning of a sentence, then the sentence will be in inversion. Here/there + verb + subject.
17. Which one of the following sentences is correct?
Correct Answer: He came home yesterday.
Explanation: Adverb of time (past) = principal verb in past indefinite tense.
18. He talks as though _______.
Correct Answer: he were a child
Explanation: present indefinite tense + as if/ as though + past indefinite tense (were)
19. Have you ever_______ England?
Correct Answer: been to
Explanation: have been to refers ‘going to’ and ‘returning from’ a particular place
20. He _______ for five hours and is still sleeping.
Correct Answer: has been sleeping
Explanation: Subject + have been/ has been + principal verb + ing + for/since + extension.
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