Exercises on Right Form of Verbs (Advance)

1. Hardly had we reached the school _______.
Correct Answer: when the bell rang
Explanation: Scarcely/ hardly + had + past participle of the principal verb + when + past indefinite tense.
2. A_______ stone gathers no moss.
Correct Answer: rolling
3. I wish I _______a child again.
Correct Answer: were
Explanation: Wish/fancy + past indefinite (were)
4. Lack of exercise and high fat diets have __________ to be factors in heart attack.
Correct Answer: long been known
Explanation: For singe adverb sentence “ H.V + adverb + verb in past participle
5. Writing a beautiful sonnet is as much as an achievement as _______ a 400-page novel.
Correct Answer: it is to finish
Explanation: preposition (as) + verb + ing
6. A basket of apples _______ been sold.
Correct Answer: has
Explanation: Here head word is ‘a basket’ which is in third person singular number.
7. The doctor suggested that the patient _______ weight.
Correct Answer: lose
Explanation: verbs (demand, insist, suggest, urge, require) + that clause + present form of verb (no s, es, ies, or ing)
8. Much as Rome_______ roads through Europe in the years of the Roman Empire, British _______ Railways and strung telegraph wires in India.
Correct Answer: had built, built
Explanation: For two past activities: the activity that occurred first will be in past perfect, the next one will be in past indefinite.
9. The skill of safe driving _______ necessary to avoid collision, which _______ many thousands of people annually.
Correct Answer: is, hurt
Explanation: As there is annually, so the sentence will be in present indefinite tense.
10. Clothing made by Bangladeshi workers are_______ by millions of consumers around the world.
Correct Answer: worn
Explanation: The sentence is in passive voice.
11. The rabbit scurried away in fright_______.
Correct Answer: when it heard the movement in the bushes.
Explanation: principal clause in past tense so the subordinate clause will be in past tense.
12. ___________ glasses can correct most sight defects in healthy eyes.
Correct Answer: When well fitted
Explanation: when well fitted is the contracted form of when they are well fitted
13. If you don’t mind, I would rather not ___________.
Correct Answer: go
Explanation: would rather + present form of verb
14. I would rather that ___________she English fluently and impressively.
Correct Answer: speaks
Explanation: would rather that + present form of verb
15. He is one of the boys _____.
Correct Answer: who have written the letter
Explanation: Here 'who' refers to the boys, so the verb will be in plural form
16. The promising boy did not spoil a single moment, ___________develop any bad habit.
Correct Answer: nor did she
Explanation: nor + did + subject
17. Gradually, all of us ___________the Internet.
Correct Answer: are getting accustomed to using
Explanation: get accustomed to + verb + ing
18. Professor Dan will not be able to attend the meeting tonight because ___________.
Correct Answer: he will be teaching a class
Explanation: future continuous tense: shall/will + be + verb + ing
19. Which of the following sentences is correct?
Correct Answer: She proceeded as though I had not spoken.
Explanation: past indefinite + as if/ as though + past perfect
20. Roxana was asked to withdraw from graduate school because _________.
Correct Answer: she was deemed incapable of completing her research
Explanation: Adverbial clause of this sentence will follow the main clause. As the main clause structure is in passive construction, the adverbial clause will also be in the same structure.
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