Past Tense Exercise & Practice with Explanation

1. The cyclist ________ he crossed the main street.
Correct Answer: had looked cautiously before
Explanation: Past Perfect Tense + before + Past Indefinite Tense
2. The man waiting to take the test was very nervous. He ________ it before.
Correct Answer: hadn’t taken
Explanation: For two previous activities, the one that occurred earlier than the other one will be in Past Perfect Tense and the later one will be in Past Indefinite Tense.
3. An intensive search was conducted by the detective to locate those criminals, who
Correct Answer: had escaped
Explanation: As the criminals had escaped before the search; the sentence will be in Past Perfect Tense.
4. Choose the correct one:
Correct Answer: He spoke so well as if he had known everything.
Explanation: Past Indefinite Tense + as if/ as though + Past Perfect Tense
5. I waited until the plane ________.
Correct Answer: took off
Explanation: For two contemporary past events, will be in effect for both events.
6. If everybody liked the same kind of tea, ________ only one kind of tea.
Correct Answer: there would be
Explanation: 2 nd conditional formation: If + Past Indefinite Tense…..+ would/might
7. He went to bed after.
Correct Answer: he had learnt the lesson.
Explanation: Past Indefinite Tense + after + Past Perfect Tense
8. How much did you________ for the book?
Correct Answer: pay
Explanation: Relative pronouns (who, how, what, why, when) + did + subject + present form of verb + objects
9. It ________ a hot day, we remained in the tent.
Correct Answer: being
Explanation: The example is in Simple Sentence. So, being will be used instead of be verb (am, is, are, was, were).
10. Even as harvesting was going on________.
Correct Answer: the rainy season began.
Explanation: Sometimes principle clause and subordinate clause follow the same tense.
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