Article Exercise & Practice with Explanation

1. ‘The French’ refers to_______.
Correct Answer: The French people
Explanation: Generally no article is used before the name of language; to mean nationality, the is used.
2. I saw _______ one-eyed man when I was walking on the road.
Correct Answer: a
Explanation: Generally, article an is used before vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u). But if the vowel ‘o’ is pronounced like ‘owa’, then a will be used.
3. Which one is correct?
Correct Answer: The Omar Khayyam is rarely born
Explanation: Generally, no article is used before proper noun. Article the is used before proper noun to give a definite meaning of the noun.
4. _______ big book on _______ table is for my history class.
Correct Answer: The, the
Explanation: Book and Table of the sentence is definite.
5. I see you are _______ Wordsworth.
Correct Answer: a
Explanation: It is an example of proper noun’s common noun. In such kind of sentence, article a/an is used before the proper noun.
6. _______ Nelson is a British warship.
Correct Answer: The
Explanation: Before the name of Ship, article the is used.
7. At last _______ beast in him got _______ upper hand.
Correct Answer: the, the
Explanation: Here beast in him refers to the attribute of the beast namely bestiality.
8. _______ mother rose in her.
Correct Answer: The
Explanation: Here article the is used to convert the common noun into abstract noun. The mother refers to motherly affection.
9. Article is used based on_______.
Correct Answer: pronunciation
Explanation: The use of article relies on Pronunciation; if a Consonant pronounces like Vowel, then article an will be used instead of a.
10. Fitzgerald went _______hospital as patient.
Correct Answer: no article
Explanation: If there was to after the word went, then article the would have been used.
11. _______physicist, Gabriel Fahrenheit, invented the mercury thermometer in 1714.
Correct Answer: The
Explanation: Before singular designation, article the is used.
12. China’s continued economic progress depends on mastering art of mound breaking innovation.
Correct Answer: the
Explanation: ….mastering the art of….
13. Over last fifty years, there has been a growing interest in trade in my country.
Correct Answer: the
Explanation: Article the is used when Common Noun (singular and plural) is definite. Here common noun last fifty years is definite.
14. I like _______blue T-shirt over there better than the red one.
Correct Answer: the, the
Explanation: Definite article the is used when two products are mentioned specifically.
15. David is learning to play_______ piano.
Correct Answer: the
Explanation: To mean to play a musical instrument, the is used before play.
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