Article (Advance) Exercise & Practice with Explanation

1. _______ man is _______best creature.
Correct Answer: No article, the
Explanation: To mention man as whole humanity, no article is used before man.
2. One of Akbar’s most vigorous opponents during his lifetime had been _______ outstanding scholar Sheikh Ahmed and, like Akbar, he was also venerated as _______ Perfect Man by his own disciples.
Correct Answer: an, the
3. He wants to be _______ Shakespeare.
Correct Answer: a
Explanation: If someone is compared with an unequaled one, the proper noun becomes common noun; a/an is used before the noun.
4. _______ rich should pay more taxes.
Correct Answer: the
Explanation: To remark all within the same class, the is used before adjectives.
5. As _______ nation Bangladeshis are _______ religious-minded but not zealots.
Correct Answer: a, no article
6. ‘No horizon’ was directed by _______ late Steve Calan, only two years before his death.
Correct Answer: the
Explanation: For dead persons, the is used before late.
7. I want to buy _______ piano, but I can’t play _______ piano.
Correct Answer: the, the
Explanation: first piano is indefinite, so a/an will be used; to mention to play piano, the will be used.
8. I can do it in _______ hour and _______ half.
Correct Answer: an, a
9. _______ virtuous are always happy.
Correct Answer: The
Explanation: The + adjectives = plural common noun
10. What did you eat for _______ breakfast this morning?
Correct Answer: none
Explanation: Before the name of meal-time (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper) article is omitted.
11. Choose the correct sentence:
Correct Answer: The ant is an industrious being.
Explanation: To mention the whole species, article the is used before singular common noun.
12. He saw _______ most wonderful sight.
Correct Answer: a
Explanation: When most is used as very, a/an is used before most instead of the.
13. The article ‘the’ is used _______.
Correct Answer: to make something specific.
14. Which of the following sentence is incorrect?
Correct Answer: A sky is blue.
Explanation: Definite article the is used before those that are single in number in nature.
15. _______ Andamans are in_______ Indian Ocean.
Correct Answer: the, the
Explanation: Before the name of Island/ Ocean, definite article the is used.
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