Exercises on Conjunctions with Explanation

1. We need two hundred dollars _________ this to pay for everything.
Correct Answer: besides
Explanation: Besides refers to in addition to
2. _______ glass is, for all practical purposes, a solid, its molecular structure is that of a liquid.
Correct Answer: Although
Explanation: Though/although is used for complex sentence that features two subjects and one of them is emphasized.
3. Give her a telephone number to ring _________ she gets lost.
Correct Answer: in case
Explanation: For possibility of occurring an event, in case is used as conjunction.
4. How long did they wait?
Correct Answer: Till he came.
Explanation: Till/Until formation: Till/until + subject + verb
5. Which of the following is correct?
Correct Answer: He speaks neither English nor French.
Explanation: This is one of the Correlative Conjunctions and it follows same structure on both sides of the sentence.
6. _________ his parents allow him or not, Alex intends to go to the party.
Correct Answer: Whether
Explanation: Whether + subject + verb + ….. + or not
7. Supposedly, digital versatile disks, or DVDs as they are called, are _________ resistant to scratching _________ records.
Correct Answer: far more, than
Explanation: To compare between DVD and records, comparative form will be used.
8. His appearance is unsmiling but_________.
Correct Answer: his heart is full of compassion for others.
Explanation: But conjunction adds two contrastive ideas
9. Why don’t you go and see a film ________ you’re waiting for the car to be repaired?
Correct Answer: while
Explanation: While + subject + continuous form of verb
10. The boy ________ unless he apologized sincerely.
Correct Answer: would not be forgiven
Explanation: The conditional is in passive form, so auxiliary + be will be used.
11. Which one of the following would be the best suitable cohesive word between the given sentences? ‘David underwent through strenuous hard work. He made his dream come true.’
Correct Answer: Hence
Explanation: The conjunction hence is used to express the results from the immediate sentence/phrase that follows.
12. He did not study hard; ________ he passed the examination.
Correct Answer: nevertheless
Explanation: Nevertheless is used when something bad is predicted but didn’t happen.
13. He is honest ________ overlooks dishonesty of others.
Correct Answer: but
Explanation: Here second part of the sentence is contrary to the first part; thus but is used.
14. I want such boys ________ will be able to do this.
Correct Answer: as
Explanation: After such noting but as will be used
15. Hardly had the train stopped, ________.
Correct Answer: before we got down.
Explanation: Hardly + had+ subject 1 + past participle form of verb …… before + subject 2 + past form of verb
16. The train was late. ________ I managed to arrive on time.
Correct Answer: despite that
Explanation: Despite that- when something happened which was not expected to happen, we use despite that
17. “Come on, walk faster”, urged my friend, “You are ________ tortoise.”
Correct Answer: as slow as
Explanation: To show equality of the features of two things or animals, as + positive form of adjective + as is used.
18. We cannot afford a fan, ________ an air-conditioner.
Correct Answer: let alone
Explanation: Let alone expresses thing which is not possible or an exaggeration to ask for.
19. Which one of the following is correct?
Correct Answer: She speaks not only English but also Chinese.
20. Identify the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: Besides being clever, she is very perceptive
Explanation: Using besides and also at the same time is wrong; beside means near and not a conjunction.
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