Exercises on Preposition with Explanation

1. The family doesn’t feel ________ going outing this season.
Correct Answer: like
Explanation: For expressing desire to do something, we often use feel like.
2. John Smith is good________ Mathematics.
Correct Answer: at
Explanation: Good at means efficient.
3. He insisted ________ there.
Correct Answer: on my going
Explanation: Insist on sth/sb refers to give emphasis on something.
4. Credit tk 4000 ________ my account.
Correct Answer: to
Explanation: To deposit an amount to someone’s account, we use credit to.
5. Sam will discuss the issue with Jenifer________ phone.
Correct Answer: over
Explanation: To have conversation over phone, we use preposition over.
6. Many prefer donating money ________ distributing clothes.
Correct Answer: to
Explanation: Prefer to is an appropriate preposition.
7. He divided the money ________ the two children.
Correct Answer: between
8. Please ________ the necessity of arriving early.
Correct Answer: emphasize
Explanation: No preposition is used with emphasize.
9. Government has been entrusted ________ elected politicians.
Correct Answer: to
Explanation: Entrusted with- faith in something, entrusted to- faith in someone
10. The walls of our house have been painted ________ green.
Correct Answer: no preposition
Explanation: Here paint is a transitive verb, so no preposition will be used.
11. He has recently parted ________ his with.
Correct Answer: from
Explanation: part from refers to separate
12. Death does not distinguish ________ the rich and the poor.
Correct Answer: between
Explanation: Between preposition is used for distributing a thing to two things/person.
13. I have a savings account ________ Standard Chartered Bank.
Correct Answer: at
Explanation: Account at refers to the institution with which the account belongs to.
14. Swimming is conducive ________ health.
Correct Answer: at
Explanation: conducive at - beneficial
15. I am offended ________ you ________ your conduct.
Correct Answer: with, at
Explanation: Offend with- to irritate with someone; offend at- to irritate at something
16. The girl was reclining ________ the couch and the boy sat ________ her.
Correct Answer: on, besides
Explanation: Recline on means to lean on something
17. She is blind ________ her husband’s fault.
Correct Answer: to
Explanation: Blind to- to be careless about one’s fault
18. The shirt is ________ my taste.
Correct Answer: after
Explanation: After one’s taste- to be one’s favorite
19. The climate is congenial ________ health.
Correct Answer: to
Explanation: Congenial to- in favor of
20. His illness is a mere pretext ________ his absence.
Correct Answer: for
Explanation: Pretext for- giving excuse for something
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