Exercises on Preposition (Advance) with Explanation

1. A drowning man ________ a straw.
Correct Answer: catches at
Explanation: An English proverb: A drowning man catches at a straw
2. He died ________ his country.
Correct Answer: for
Explanation: Giving life for one’s country, we use preposition die for
3. You must ask apology ________ him ________ your rudeness.
Correct Answer: to, for
Explanation: apology to - begging apology to someone, apology for - begging apology for something
4. On the night before the exam, she was seen pouring ________ the books.
Correct Answer: over
Explanation: pour over- to give deep concentration on something
5. Which method of organizing content points you did feel more comfortable?
Correct Answer: among
Explanation: In this sentence, the preposition is missing. So among will be needed to complete the sentence.
6. What is the time ________ you watch?
Correct Answer: by
Explanation: To mention time, we use by as a preposition.
7. Let’s discuss ________ the ways of improving the basic skills of English.
Correct Answer: no preposition needed
Explanation: No preposition is used after the verb discuss.
8. The chief guest of the seminar spoke to the audience concerning career.
Correct Answer: with
Explanation: The chief guest of the seminar spoke to the audience concerning with career. Concerning with career- about career
9. He felt no qualms ________ borrowing money from his friends.
Correct Answer: about
Explanation: Qualms about borrowing- uneasiness to borrow something
10. Cyber-attacks are much easier to carry out than to defend ________.
Correct Answer: against
Explanation: defend against- to guard against assault
11. I am writing this essay ________blue ink.
Correct Answer: in
Explanation: write in- the color at which it is written
12. We are related ________each other ________marriage.
Correct Answer: to, by
Explanation: Relate to: an existing relation, relate by: the means of the realtion
13. Finding himself short _____ money, he wrote _______ his uncle ________ help.
Correct Answer: of, to, for
Explanation: short of- something inadequate; write to- in favor of someone; write for- in favor of someone for something
14. The man was blind ________ his left eye.
Correct Answer: of
Explanation: To mean blindness, the preposition blind of is used.
15. John is senior ________ me 4 ________ years.
Correct Answer: to, by
Explanation: After senior, junior, inferior, superior, to is used instead of than.
16. ________ being fined, he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment.
Correct Answer: Besides
Explanation: Besides is more appropriate than any other words.
17. We opted ________ a reconciliation ________ the dispute.
Correct Answer: for, with
Explanation: Opt for- to select something; reconciliation with- agree to an amicable truce.
18. I saw the news ________ television and my mother read it the ________ newspaper.
Correct Answer: on, in
Explanation: On is used before television and in is used before newspaper.
19. In some countries much of the natural environment has been transformed ________farmland ________ a subsequent loss of species richness.
Correct Answer: into, as a result of
Explanation: transform into- to make a change to something
20. Mr. Hawking was walking ________ a wood ________ a rainy day.
Correct Answer: through, on
Explanation: Walk through- to walk within something; walk on- the time of walking.
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