Exercises on Modifiers with Explanation

1. Which of the following sentence is correct?
Correct Answer: Hearing the good news, I was happy.
Explanation: Here Hearing the good news, is a participle phrase which modifies the person who does the hearing. So, the subject of the principal clause will be ‘I’.
2. Choose the correct sentence:
Correct Answer: Entering the room, I found the light off.
Explanation: A lifeless thing can’t feel or see anything. So, the subject ‘light’ or ‘room’ is inappropriate here. Only the living persona “I’ can understand the condition of the room.
3. Having been served lunch__________. The sentence is incomplete. Choose one which best completes the sentence.
Correct Answer: the members of the committee discussed the problem.
Explanation: Here the problem is a matter that can’t be discussed without living persons. So the subject of the sentence will be living persons who can discuss the problem.
4. Worn out by a long walk, she fainted. Here ‘worn out’ is a ______.
Correct Answer: dangling participle
Explanation: Worn out is dangling here. The sentence suggests that ‘worn out’ rather than ‘she’ is affected by ‘a long walk’.
5. No confusion of the grammatical subject occurs in.
Correct Answer: Young and inexperienced, I thought the task easy.
Explanation: Thinking is a mental process that can only be done by a person. As the person can think, ‘I’ will come as the subject of the sentence.
6. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: While running in the park, he dislocated his hand.
Explanation: A hand can’t dislocate alone as it is not independent. Rather it is the person ‘he’ who dislocates his hand by accident. So the subject of the correct sentence will be the pronoun of the person ‘he’.
7. After jumping off the Yacht, _______.
Correct Answer: the man was bitten by a snake.
Explanation: It is the man who does the jump of the Yacht. And as the ‘bite’ is done by another agent, the sentence will be in passive voice.
8. Which of the following sentence is correct?
Correct Answer: The man who stole my purse was short.
Explanation: who stole my purse is an adjective clause and it modifies the man. So the agent and the modifier will be placed together to avoid causing misplaced modifier.
9. Unlike most birds______________.
Correct Answer: vultures do not have feathers on their heads and necks.
Explanation: Here ‘unlike’ refers to the bird. So the subject of the principal clause must be from any kind of bird.
10. While going to the office, ___
Correct Answer: I was chased by a fox.
Explanation: As the person ‘I’ was going to the office, the subject of the principal clause will be the same person.
11. Find out the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: I earned nearly fifty Taka today.
Explanation: Nearly is a modifier. The modifier must follow the modified word in order to avoid misplacing.
12. Choose the sentence with misplaced modifiers.
Correct Answer: On his way to school, Abraham found a yellow woman’s bag.
Explanation: The modifier will follow the modified noun. Here Abraham found a bag which is yellow. So yellow will follow the noun bag, not the noun woman.
13. _____________, the traveler took a nap.
Correct Answer: Tired and exhausted
Explanation: This is an example of past participle. It might be proper to correctly co- operate with the following clause.
14. Which sentence is correct?
Correct Answer: Not looking where he was going, he was hit by a bike.
Explanation: The work of ‘looking’ is done by the person ‘he’. So the subject of the principal clause will be ‘he’.
15. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: The tailor’s broken umbrella was in the storeroom.
Explanation: The umbrella is broken here, not the tailor or the room. So the modifier ‘broken’ will be used before the modified word ‘umbrella’.
16. Choose the sentence with correct modifiers.
Correct Answer: Lincoln was just selected for the team.
Explanation: Here just is used as an adverb of time. So it has to be used with the modified noun.
17. Complete the sentence with an appropriate choice:Walking through forest,______________.
Correct Answer: the traveler saw the moon above the trees
Explanation: It is the ‘traveler’ who is walking through the forest and only he can see the moon above him. The moon or the path can’t act like active agents.
18. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: Hearing the good news, I was glad.
Explanation: Hearing is a quality that can move only human. So, the subject of the principal clause will be ‘I’.
19. Similar to the hard disk_________.
Correct Answer: the floppy disk stores data in disk sectors
Explanation: Here, in the first part something similar to the hard disk is mentioned here. So, in the second part, the subject will be something similar to a hard disk.
20. Which sentence uses the modifier correctly?
Correct Answer: I only have one day to get this report finished.
Explanation: All except ‘b’ has the wrong placement of modifier. Only is the modifier of the sentence and it will be placed before the word it modifies. Otherwise, the meaning of the sentence will be changed.
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