Suffix Exercise & Practice with Explanation

1. Which of the following cannot use the suffix ‘–ive’?
Correct Answer: commerce
Explanation: Impress-impressive; commerce-commercial; conclusion-conclusive; decision- decisive. So after commerce, the prefix ‘-ive’ can’t be used
2. The verb ‘survive’ can be changed into a noun by adding______.
Correct Answer: a suffix
Explanation: By adding the prefix ‘al’ to the word ‘survive’, it can be changed into a noun (survival).
3. The suffix ‘ful’ cannot be used with which noun below to turn it into an adjective?
Correct Answer: wisdom
Explanation: The word ‘wisdom’ is a noun which means ‘the state of being wise’; the adjective form of the word is ‘wisdom-less’.
4. Which of the following suffix is used to make verb?
Correct Answer: -en
Explanation: Of the given options, the verb suffix is ‘-en’. Examples: blacken, brighten, deepen, sharpen, etc.
5. The suffix ‘-dom’ is used after which of the following word?
Correct Answer: star
Explanation: ‘Stardom’ is a noun which means having popularity among fans as a star.
6. Which of the following suffix is used to change a word into an adverb?
Correct Answer: -wards
Explanation: Afterwards, backward, forwards are examples of adverbs that are comprised of the suffix ‘wards’.
7. She is rather _________, which is obsolete for someone in her position where important decisions have to be passed every hour.
Correct Answer: indecisive
Explanation: The sentence implies an adjective with negative meaning and indecisive completes the sentence perfectly.
8. Not many people are __________ in well-off nations these days, but in the past only the solvent could write and read.
Correct Answer: illiterate
Explanation: Illiterate is a verb which is consisted of the suffix ‘-ate’. Other words are not applicable as they don’t fit with the meaning of the sentence.
9. We pay everyone the same compensation for this job_____ of age, qualifications or background.
Correct Answer: regardless
Explanation: The prefix ‘less’ usually refers to a lack of something; regardless means having or showing no regard.
10. The research project was never finished due to a ______ of funds.
Correct Answer: scarcity
Explanation: Of the options, the word ‘scarcity’ consists of a noun suffix ‘ity’ and it refers to the lack or shortage of something (fund here).
11. There is a __________ on the portion of the personnel to welcome the changes.
Correct Answer: reluctance
Explanation: The best fitting option for the blank is ‘reluctance’. The word is formed of noun suffix ‘-ance’.
12. There is no _________ among the top ten students.
Correct Answer: similarity
Explanation: The blank here needs a noun and similarity fits best for the sentence. Other options are inappropriate.
13. He had a ________ for ice cream and chocolate.
Correct Answer: weakness
Explanation: The meaning of the sentence demands a noun to fill the blank. Weakness (suffix –ness) suits well than any other options given.
14. We've gained no ___________ of this responsibility.
Correct Answer: acknowledgement
Explanation: We’ll need a noun to complete the sentence. Acknowledgment is the only noun here which consists of the prefix ‘-ment’.
15. In a ______________ from the common ceremony at these events, Her Majesty then detached her crown and posed for camera persons.
Correct Answer: departure
Explanation: A noun is generally used after article. ‘Departure’ is the only noun here. The word ‘departure’ comprises the suffix ‘-ture’.
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