Present Tense Exercise with Explanation

1. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: The doctor suggested that the patient take things easy for at least three months.
Explanation: This sentence employs the subjunctive mood. “Suggested that” demands a simple form of the verb in the next clause. Only (B) has a simple verb in the second clause.
2. Francis Bacon’s stories often ________ pragmatic endings.
Correct Answer: have
Explanation: If there is often in the sentence, the sentence will be in present indefinite tense.
3. Just now he ________ his dinner but he says he’ll see you when he’s finished.
Correct Answer: has had
Explanation: Most of the times, ‘have/has’ is used for ‘eating’. As the sentence refers to have finished the meal recently, present perfect tense will be used. Here, the first has is auxiliary verb and the second one is past participle form of have.
4. Choose the correct sentence:
Correct Answer: I have been here since Monday.
Explanation: In the sentence, staying at a place stared in previous time and continued till writing of the sentence. So it will be in present perfect tense.
5. John looks sick.
Correct Answer: He has been suffering from fever for the last three days.
Explanation: If a past job has recently been finished, the sentence will be in present perfect continuous tense.
6. Have you ________ the letter?
Correct Answer: written
Explanation: The sentence is in. So, the principle verb will be in past participle form.
7. The river has ________ its banks.
Correct Answer: overflowed
Explanation: The sentence is in present perfect tense; the correct formation of this kind of sentence is: Subject + has/have + past participle form of verb + object
8. Choose the correct sentence:
Correct Answer: Why have you done this?
Explanation: Relative pronouns (who, how, what, why, when) + have/has + subject + past participle form of verb + objects
9. It ________ all week. I hope it stops by Saturday because I want to go to the beach.
Correct Answer: was raining
Explanation: For sentence with the word all, if a task has stared earlier and continued to go on currently, present prefect continues tense will be in effect for the sentence.
10. A solar cell is a device that________.
Correct Answer: converts light and produces electricity.
Explanation: To describe a natural process, Present Indefinite Tense is used.
11. Two atoms of hydrogen ________ with one atom of oxygen to form a molecule of water.
Correct Answer: combine
Explanation: Present Indefinite Tense is used to describe any scientific truth.
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