Exercises on Case & Practice with Explanation

1. We tried to make sandwiches __________, but the sandwiches were dry and the frosting drippy, so we bought a dozen from the bakery instead.
Correct Answer: ourselves
Explanation: The sentence requires an intensive pronoun. And ourselves is an intensive pronoun.
2. In an angry whisper, Joana asked us to put down our drinks. __________ slurping was drawing angry looks from the test proctor, which made consulting her cheat sheet more dangerous.
Correct Answer: our
Explanation: The pronoun slurping requires a possessive pronoun. Of the options, our is the possessive pronoun of we.
3. To complete our Egyptian mummy costumes, Henderson, Johnny and __________ purchased a twenty pack of toilet roll.
Correct Answer: I
Explanation: The gap of the sentence requires a Subjective Pronoun as the verb is immediately after the blank. So, the Subjective Pronoun ‘I’ will be used in this regard.
4. See that young lady smacking her lips? It might have been __________ who stole your jelly donut.
Correct Answer: she
Explanation: The linking verb might have been requiring the subjective pronoun she to follow it
5. The bakery manager told __________ shoppers that fresh chocolate-broccohli muffins were ready to purchase.
Correct Answer: us
Explanation: The sentences an object to complete and us is an objective pronoun.
6. Oblivious to the consequences, Erica and Teresa spend all of history class chattering in the back row. __________constant gossiping inspires Mrs. David to look extra hard for points to deduct when s
Correct Answer: their
Explanation: The gerund gossiping requires the possessive pronoun their.
7. Neither __________ nor Tom knew the answer to question no 8 on the sudden test.
Correct Answer: she
Explanation: The blank of this sentence requires a subjective pronoun. Sentences with Neither usually follow parallel structured pronoun.
8. See those students over there? __________ will join you for a game if you want to share your basketball.
Correct Answer: They and I
Explanation: The verb will join requires a subject, and the pronouns they and I are the subjective forms.
9. Kelvin has so much hair that he must buy a new bottle of shampoo every week. I wouldn’t want to have as much hair as __________.
Correct Answer: he
Explanation: The sentence is making a comparison between I (subjective form) and he (subjective form). Both pronouns need to be subjective so that the comparison is logical.
10. I didn’t spill that coffee on your essay! It was __________, that blonde sipping the cappuccino and flirting with Carlos.
Correct Answer: she
Explanation: The linking verb was requires a subjective pronoun to follow it. So the correct option is ‘she’.
11. Adolf, who is a brilliant student, photocopied his records for those of us who missed the class; __________ receivers loved the help.
Correct Answer: we
Explanation: The verb appreciated needs a subject; we is a subjective pronoun. So, the correct answer is (b) we.
12. That man over there was lurking near the coat rack. It might have been __________ who stole the bag of pretzels from your jacket pocket!
Correct Answer: he
Explanation: The linking verb might have been requiring a subjective pronoun to follow it. So, the correct answer is ‘he’.
13. Sasha shushed the two students sitting behind him. __________knuckle breaking and gum thrashing were making him outrageous as he tried to concentrate on the upcoming project.
Correct Answer: their
Explanation: The gerunds cracking and smacking require the possessive pronoun their.
14. Emeritus Professor Johnson finally conceded and gave __________ students the 20 bonus points if we could silence our mobile phones for five days of class.
Correct Answer: us
Explanation: The sentence requires an object, and us is the objective pronoun. So, the correct answer is (c) us.
15. The stranger wore a heavy fleece hoody. Mendes squeezed in between __________ and Joss because his thin cotton shirt propounded no protection from the fall’s first cold snap.
Correct Answer: her
Explanation: After the Preposition, we often use Objective Pronoun. So, after ‘between’, we have to use the Objective Pronoun ‘her’.
16. We can't imagine you ate the surplus Korean food! We are famishing, and it was __________!
Correct Answer: ours
Explanation: The sentence requires a possessive pronoun. So the correct answer is (c) ours.
17. The students milled around the parking lot. __________ waited for the fire marshal to declare the alarm a prank and allow everyone back into the classrooms.
Correct Answer: their professors and they
Explanation: The verb waited needs a subject, and they is a subjective pronoun.
18. Ben left the room in a fit of pique because __________ crunching popcorn was meddling with his meditation.
Correct Answer: our
Explanation: The gerund crunching requires the possessive pronoun our. So, the correct answer for this question is (a) our.
19. The hungry angel fish pecked at the aquarium glass. Lucia was unaware of __________ and their needs, intent as she was on finishing her writing.
Correct Answer: them
Explanation: The Preposition to needs an object to follow, and them is the objective pronoun.
20. The driver in front slammed on his brakes for no reason and sat in the middle of the road. Jasmine waved an angry fist at his passenger and __________ as she drove around.
Correct Answer: him
Explanation: After the preposition ‘at’ we need to use an objective pronoun. Besides, when sentences with and as conjunction usually follow parallel structure (objective pronoun + and + objective pronoun).
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