Dangling Modifier Worksheet with Explanation

1. Choose the option that has no dangling modifier.
Correct Answer: Salivating in expectation of the treat, Tom waited for Alex to reward him with a dog cookie.
Explanation: ‘Salivating in expectation of the treat’ is a particle which refers to the dog ‘Tom’. So, it is logical that the subject ‘Tom’ will come immediately after the phrase.
2. Determine which sentence below contains dangling modifiers.
Correct Answer: As Jason Rubbed the tile plaster with bleach, it’s begun to fade the mold stains.
Explanation: It is not possible for an object to rub itself. So, the sentence lack,s a proper noun and without the subject, it becomes dangling. We need to add a subject to the sentence so that the readers can understand who is rubbing the tile plaster.
3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option: ‘Tapping the pencil on the brink of the desk, ___________.’
Correct Answer: Michael could not remember the features of the Renaissance.
Explanation: The sentence starts with a participle phrase and the phrase refers to an object here. If we want to clearly mention the meaning of the sentence, we need to use a person who is having trouble with the exam.
4. Choose the option that has no dangling modifier.
Correct Answer: Drinking slowly Henson enjoyed the sweet coconut water at the diner counter.
Explanation: Drinking slowly at the diner counter, a participle phrase, is right next to soup, an illogical target. Henson, not the soup, should be the one making all of that rude noise!
5. Making the arrangement for dinner ___________________. The sentence is incomplete. Choose one which best completes the sentence.
Correct Answer: the family members discussed the problem.
Explanation: Here the subject of the beginning phrase is a non-living thing. So the subject of the main clause will be living persons who can discuss the problem
6. Choose the correct sentence of the followings.
Correct Answer: While swimming in the pond, he was bitten by a snake.
Explanation: The sentence begins with a clause and it needs a subject to complete the sentence. We need to mention the person who’s done the swimming. So, the subject of the main clause will be a proper noun or pronoun.
7. Driving on the wrong side of the road, ___________________.
Correct Answer: he created a heavy traffic jam.
Explanation: Driving is an attribute that can be carried out but a person and only then it can cause traffic congestion. So, the subject of the main clause must a person.
8. Choose the sentence with dangling modifiers.
Correct Answer: Struggling with the tight sweater, Madonna could not move the zipper.
Explanation: ‘Struggling with the tight sweater’ is a participle phrase which has no target in the sentence to describe. So, the correct option will be the one that starts with a proper noun.
9. Whispering into Rihanna’s ear, __________. Fill the gap with correct option.
Correct Answer: Timberlake shared the rumors which had shocked and dismayed everyone
Explanation: ‘Whispering into Rihanna’s ear’ is a participle phrase which must come right before the noun ‘Timberlake’. And ‘which had shocked and dismayed everyone’ is a relative clause and comes right after the noun ‘rumors’.
10. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: Dehydrated after the run in the summer sun, Joana quenched her thirst with a glass of water.
Explanation: ‘Dehydrated after the run in the summer sun’ is a participle phrase which must come right before the proper noun. The person, not the thirst, has lungs that can dehydrate.
11. Which of the following sentences is correct?
Correct Answer: The plumber fixed the kitchen tab, which leaked in a wasteful manner.
Explanation: It is the ‘kitchen sink’ that is ‘leaked in a wasteful manner’. So, ‘we’ or ‘the plumber’ must not come after the phrase ‘leaking in a wasteful manner’.
12. Which of the following sentences has the correct order of modifiers?
Correct Answer: Jackson broke the table lamp while he was jumping on the sofa.
Explanation: Jackson, not the table lamp or sofa, was doing inappropriate indoor bouncing. So, ‘jumping’ must come after the person of the sentence who has caused the breaking.
13. Identify the sentence with the inappropriate use of a modifier.
Correct Answer: Opening the packet of baked food, Munro satisfied his hunger with this snack.
Explanation: In the sentences, Munro is a person who has hunger and who can open the packet. So, as being capable of doing both opening the packet and satisfying the hunger, Munro will come as the subject of the main clause.
14. Fill in the blank with appropriate option: “Sweeping with its powerful motor, ____________.”
Correct Answer: the vacuum cleaned thick sand and dirt off the beautiful carpet
Explanation: The vacuum is capable of the task of cleaning but other subjects can’t do it. So the appropriate subject for the sentence will be ‘the vacuum’.
15. No confusion of the grammatical subject occurs in which of the following sentence.
Correct Answer: Going to different places, we collected a little money for the homeless guy.
Explanation: ‘Different place’ is visited by us not ‘a little money. So, the subject of the sentence will be ‘we’ as it is the agent that does the collection job.
16. Choose the correct sentence.
Correct Answer: To buy a fish burger and iced mango crusher, Melina used her last ten-dollar note, which was tucked
Explanation: “To buy a fish burger and iced mango crusher” is an infinitive phrase and it must be followed by Melina who has done the job.
17. Coughing and sneezing, __________________. Fill in the blank with appropriate an option to complete the sentence.
Correct Answer: Emilia soon covered the computer keyboard with germs
Explanation: ‘Coughing and sneezing’ is a participle phrase. It will be illogical if we put anything but a proper noun immediately after the phrase. So, the right option is ‘a’.
18. Identify the sentence that has inappropriate use of a dangling modifier
Correct Answer: Walking into the deep forest, Sofia ripped his old shirt and banged his forehead.
Explanation: “Walking into the deep forest”, a participle phrase, comes right before shirt, an illogical target. Sofia, not the shirt, is the one with legs that can walk.
19. Which of the following sentences has the right use of modifier?
Correct Answer: Kirin used her hands to massage Ronaldo’s shoulders, which were tight with stress.
Explanation: “Which were tight with stress” is a relative clause which must come right after the modified object. Here, the modified object is ‘Ronaldo’s shoulders’. So, the correct answer is ‘a’.
20. Pick the sentence that has no dangling modifier.
Correct Answer: After the librarian scolded the noisy readers, silence returned to the library.
Explanation: “Rebuking the noisy teenagers”, a participle phrase, must have some doer. ‘Silence’ doesn't have a mouth that can rebuke. So, the correct answer is ‘d’ where a doer ‘librarian’ is present.
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