Examples of Present Tense

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Definition of Tense:

Tense denotes to the time of an action or event. It describes when the work is done, i.e. in the present, the past, or the future.

There are three types of Tenses.

  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense.

Definition of Present Tense:

Present Tense represents actions which occur in the present.

Examples of Present Tense:

  • Rock wants to sing.
  • Bill writes the letters.
  • Peter is coming to our place.
  • Bob has given the book to Allen.
  • I am going to the varsity.
  • Aric loves to read books.
  • Lisa has been living in this area for twenty years.
  • The singer is singing nicely.
  • The program is going on smoothly.
  • Alice prefers coffee to tea.
  • Alana attends the class every day.
  • Tom is talented enough to do the task.
  • Rick is upset.
  • Richard is interested to perform in the program.
  • The movie is fantastic.
  • The detective book is thrilling.
  • The actor is talented.
  • We are excited to go to the picnic.
  • We have been trying to solve the problem for two hours.
  • Patrick is going to the library.

Present tense is of four types:


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