Examples of Verb Phrase

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Definition of Verb Phrase

A Verb Phrase conducts the task of the verb.

Examples of Verb Phrase

  • I was singing a modern song yesterday.
  • They were playing soccer.
  • I was helping him to do the work.
  • Jeff will go to watch the movie.
  • I am writing articles on various topics.
  • Dana is coming to participate in the program tomorrow.
  • Bob will perform in the dancing contest.
  • I sang different kinds of songs on the game show.
  • We are going to the Cineplex to watch a movie.
  • Alex will prepare the plan for the project.
  • They were playing football in that field.
  • The minister is coming to attend the program.
  • The police are trying to find the criminal.
  • The mother is taking her child to the school.
  • Jeffry is going out for a vacation.
  • Samantha will participate in the debate contest.
  • Alana is waiting for the flight for a long time.
  • They will come to meet us tomorrow.
  • Sam is studying in his room.
  • Lisa has designed the banner of the program.

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