Examples of Interjectional Phrase

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Definition of Interjectional Phrase

An Interjectional phrase conducts the function of an interjection.

Examples of Interjectional Phrase

  • What a miracle! Dana has come to the program.
  • My goodness! What has Alana done?
  • For heaven’s sake! Don’t do it.
  • Alas! We have lost the game.
  • Wow! Lisa is looking magnificently gorgeous.
  • Hurray! We have won the tournament.
  • Hey! Are you listening to me?
  • Hi! How are you feeling now?
  • Oh no! What will happen now?
  • Alas! The man has died.
  • Wow! The movie was awesome.
  • Thank God! We have found the way.
  • Oh! The day was so hectic.
  • Really! Is Tom coming to the party?
  • Yes! We have won the general knowledge quiz.
  • For God’s sake! Listen to me.
  • What! You slapped him.
  • Yippy! We are going on a holiday trip.
  • Hurray! I have stood first.
  • Hey! Don’t be so rude.

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