Examples of Participial Phrase

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Definition of Participial Phrase

A Participial phrase contains a present or past participle at the beginning.

Examples of Participial Phrase

  • The boys sitting by the road were gossiping.
  • Coming to the varsity, I came to know the fact.
  • I was drinking coffee in a mug made of ceramic.
  • I did the assignment sitting in the library.
  • The man standing by the tree is suspicious.
  • We were waiting for you sitting in the canteen.
  • Coming to the office, I finished the article.
  • Jeff always uses tiffin boxes made of steel.
  • Jack loves to work sitting alone.
  • We are discussing the matter sitting around the roundtable.
  • The girl, sitting in the middle, is my cousin.
  • Coming home, I will discuss the matter.
  • Going to the varsity, I will meet you.
  • Arriving there, I saw Sam.
  • Richard bought a showpiece made of crystal.
  • I gifted Suzan a bracelet made of gold.
  • Robin is interested to buy a bookshelf made of iron.
  • Entering the room, we met the chairman.
  • Turning the page of the book, I saw your name.
  • Entering the website, I saw my articles.


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