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Examples of Adjectives as Modifiers

Adjectives are words that modify nouns or pronouns. Adjective, Adjective Phrase, and Adjective Clause

Examples of Modifiers

A modifier is defined as a word or a group of words functioning like an adjective or adverb to describe

Examples of Inversion Used after "So+ Adjective"

Inversion is also used in a sentence starting with “so+ adjective” where inversion takes place after

Examples of Inversion Used after "Here" and "There"

Inversion takes place after “here” and “there” where it refers to an adverb of place and the

Examples of Inversion Used in Conditional Sentences

Inversion is used in conditional sentences where “if” is replaced by “had”, “were” and “should”.

Examples of Inversion Used after Adverbial Expressions starting with "Only" & "Not only"

Inversion is seen after adverbial expressions starting with “only” and “not only”. Example: Only

Examples of Inversion Used after "No sooner", "Barely", "Hardly" & "Scarcely"

Inversion is used after “no sooner”, “barely”, “hardly” and “scarcely” where two things

Examples of Inversion Used after "Never", "Little", "Rarely" and "Seldom"

Sometimes inversion is used after “never”, “little”, “rarely” and “seldom”. Example:

Examples of Inversion Used after "Neither", "Nor" & "So"

Use of inversion can also be seen after “neither”, “nor” and “so”. Example: You don’t like

Examples of Inversion Used after some Adverbial Expressions of Place

Inversion can be used after some adverbial expressions of place. Example: On the doorstep was a box of

Examples of Inversion Used after Negative Adverbial Expressions

Inversion is used after some negative adverbial expressions starting with no or not. Example: Not until

Examples of Inversion used to ask questions

Inversion refers to the appearance of the verb in front of the subject which is the reverse of the general

Examples of Interjections for Attention

Interjections for attention draw the attention of the listeners. Example: Listen! You will prepare the

Examples of Interjections for Grief/Pain

Interjections for grief/pain express an intense sense of grief/ pain in any unfortunate event. Example:

Examples of Interjections for Surprise

Interjections for surprise express an intense sense of surprise on the happening of something. Example:

Examples of Interjections for Approval

Interjections for approval express an intense approval on something that has occurred. Example: Bravo!

Examples of Interjections for Joy

Interjections for joy express happiness or joy. Example: Hurray! My team has won the tournament.

Examples of Interjections for Greeting

Interjections for greeting are used to greet any person. Example: Hi! How is your health now?

Examples of Interjections

A part of a sentence representing emotion such as joy, surprise, sadness, etc. and having no grammatical

Examples of General determiners

General determiners are used before a noun to denote it in a general or unspecific way. Example: What

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