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Examples of Present Participles as Adjectives

When a verb (base form) + ing is used as the adjectives in sentences, it is called a present participle.

Examples of Infinitives

Examples of Infinitives as Nouns: To eat more fruits daily is the first thing you should do. Examples

Examples of The Indicative Mood

An indicative mood is a form of the verb that either indicates to a fact or denies a fact. Example: Aric

Examples of Auxiliary Verb

Auxiliary verbs are the part of verbs which help a verb to be eligible as a verb in the sentence structure.

Examples of Mood

The mood is defined as a form of the verb which describes speaker’s attitude toward his/her saying.

Examples of Linking Verb

A linking verb is a finite verb which does not indicate any action rather describes the subject itself.

Examples of The Unreal Conditionals

These conditionals refer to hypothetical conditions which have no probability to happen in the past,

Examples of The Real Conditionals

These conditionals describe habitual or factual conditions which have the probability to happen in the

Examples of Intransitive Verb

A finite verb that does not need an object to make a complete sentence is called an intransitive verb.

Examples of Transitive Verb

A finite verb that demands a direct object is called a transitive verb. Examples of Transitive Verb:

Examples of Conditionals

Generally, conditional refers to conditional sentences. The conjunction “If” is mostly present in

Examples of Non-finite Verb

Non-finite verbs do not work as the actual verbs in the formation of the sentence. Examples of Non-finite

Examples of The Vocative Case

The noun or pronoun which is used to address a person directly is called the vocative case. Examples:

Examples of The Objective Case/Accusative Case/Dative Case

The noun or pronoun which is either the direct or indirect object of a verb or the object of a preposition

Examples of The Possessive Case/Genitive Case

The case which is used to show possession is called the possessive case or genitive case. In case of

Examples of The Subjective Case/Nominative Case

Nouns or pronouns used as the subject of a verb in a sentence are called the subjective case or nominative

Examples of Case

The grammatical association of nouns and pronouns to other words in a sentence is defined as the case.

Examples of Finite Verb

Finite Verbs are the real verbs that construct a sentence coming with the subjects. Examples of Finite

Examples of Verbs as a Part of Speech

A word that indicates an action or a state of being by a subject is called a verb. Examples of Verbs

Examples of Interrogative Adjective

A word that modifies a noun by asking a question is called interrogative adjectives. Examples of Interrogative

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